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Non-buffered papers

Pure SIL Tissue (Standard products)

“Thin and soft yet strong” Tissue

Pure SIL Tissue is the conservation papers for wrapping craftworks with delicate surfaces, such as Japanese lacquer ware, without damaging them. The fibers of this tissue are strong against longitudinal tension.


· Interleaving single-sheet materials, such as Ukiyoe pictures.
· Conservation papers for wrapping craftworks.
Weight Type Size (mm) Package pH
14 g / m² Sheets 1100 x 800 1000
Roll 1100 x 400mm 1

SIL Tissue has been discontinued. Instead, we started selling buffered type "Pure SIL Tissue"

Pure Guard (Standard products)

“Conservation Paper for Alkali-sensitive Documents and Works

Pure Guard is a non-buffered paper. This paper is used for storage of documents, photographs, and textiles, which are particularly sensitive to alkali.


For alkali-sensitive paper documents and works
Paper documents: cyanotypes, diazotypes, etc.
Photographs: daguerreotypes, glass plate negatives, albumen prints, gelatin and collodion printed-out photographic prints, black-and-white gelatin developed-out photographic prints, black-and-white gelatin developed-out photographic prints, etc.
Textiles: silk, wool, dyed fabrics, etc.

Pure Guard 45, 70: interleaving and wrapping papers for single-sheet materials.
Pure Guard 120: envelopes and folders
(Pure Guard 120 is used for AF Envelopes for photographs).

Item Weight Color Type Size (mm) Package pH
Pure Guard 45 45 g / m² White Roll 1100 x 30m 1
Sheets 1100 x 800 200
70 70 g / m² White Sheets 1100 x 800 200
120 120 g / m² Cream Sheets 1100 x 800 100

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