Papers & Boards

Buffered papers

AF Protect (Standard products)

Barrier Paper to Protect Artworks from Strong Acid Substances

Strong acid substances are generated from plywood backboards of frames. As a buffer paper against acid, AF Protect contains alkaline substances (alkaline buffer). pH value of this paper is a slight high .


· Used on the inner sides of frame’s backboards

Weight Type Size (mm) Package pH
90 g / m² Sheets 1100 x 820 100

AF Protect 110 g / m² has been discontinued.

★ Under investigation

AF Protect H (Standard products)

Conservation Paper for Envelopes and Covering Archival Boxes

AF Protect H is the paper with appropriate folding endurance, pick strength and smooth surface. As this paper may be on contact with artworks directly, lower than the alkalinity of AF Protect H.


· Envelopes and covering archival boxes
· Folders, etc.
Weight Type Size (mm) Package pH
104.7 g / m² Sheets 1100 x 800 200
209.4 g / m² Sheets 1100 x 800 100

★ Under investigation

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