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Humidity controlling papers

SHC Paper/NEW·SHC (Standard products)

Paper to Control Relative Humidity in a Space

SHC Paper/NEW·SHC is made of neutralized paper, in which moisture-conditioning silica materials embedded. Because these materials are dispersed in the paper, moisture in a large area can be absorbed. Consequently, the quantity and the rate of moisture absorption and desorption increase.

According to temperature changing, the relative humidity in storage or containers changes quickly. Paper documents repeat absorb and desorb of itself frequently. This repetition causes degradation of paper.

The humidity controlling paper absorbs and desorbs the moisture faster than paper documents in storage. Consequently, the relative humidity in the storehouse is stabilized. Therefore, SHC Paper/NEW·SHC paper is useful for storage and transportation of cultural properties, works of art, etc.


SHC Paper: for small spaces such as inside frames and archival boxes

NEW·SHC: for large spaces such as cabinets and containers
  Weight Type Size (mm) Package pH
SHC Paper 100 g / m² Sheets 1100 x 800 10
1100 x 800 100
NEW·SHC 840 g / m² Sheets 1100 x 800 5
1100 x 800 20

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