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AF Envelope (Standard products)

Envelope for Protecting Documents from Light, Dust, Dirt, and an Acidic Environment

Four types are available: flap, thumb cut, and gusset, and for prints and negatives.
Those flap and thumb cut and gusset types made of AF Protect H. The type for prints and negatives made of Pure Guard.
To protect delicate documents from damage, the "margin to paste up" is outside. Using with an archival box is more effective.


Flap: for protection against dust.
For conservation of single-sheet materials and paper documents
8 sizes are available.

Thumb cut: can be easily put in or taken out.
For thin and delicate documents
6 sizes are available.

Gusset: The envelope with gusset on the bottom and sides which can be used for the high volume documents and large size books.
Flap has been made as larger than usual to follow the properly seal.
2 sizes are available.

For prints and negatives: has a flap for protection against dust.
3 typical sizes are available.

AF Envelope flap
Code Size (mm) Package
f-1 142 x 332 50
f-2 119 x 277
f-3 287 x 382
f-4 270 x 382
f-5 240 x 332
f-6 216 x 277
f-7 162 x 229
f-8 310 x 435
AF Envelope thumb cut
Code Size (mm) Package
tc-1 142 x 332 50
tc-2 119 x 277
tc-3 240 x 332
tc-4 216 x 277
tc-5 143 x 465
tc-6 245 x 467
AF Envelope gusset
Code Size (mm) Package
g-1 240 x 332 x 35 50
g-2 216 x 277 x 30
AF Envelope for prints and negatives
Code Size (inch) Package
p-1 4 x 5 50
p-2 5 x 7
p-3 8 x 10

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