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Haipika (Standard products)

Metalized Paper in Shining Gold and Silver
Mat Tone with Feeling of Japanese Paper and Glossy Tone with Mirrored Surface

Haipika is vacuum-evaporated onto special base paper with high purity (99.9%) aluminum to realize a unique appearance.
3 types; E2F, E2 double faced, and LF.
Haipika E2F E2 df* LF
Appearance Mat Gross
Color Silver and gold Silver
*df: double faced


Labels, posters,
Paper products (greeting cards, goods for ceremonial occasions, wrapping papers, CD cases, etc),
Publications (book covers, flaps, endpapers, etc.).
E2 double faced: cards, both sides-printed matter for advertising, etc.

About printing
E2F, and LF
Please apply offset printing, please use inks for synthetic papers.
E2 double faced
Please apply UV printing.

Haipika E2F
1091 x 788mm <55> <68> <95> <120>

Haipika E2 df LF
1091 x 788mm <120> <63>
As glass bottle labels
Haipika E2F <55><68> and LF <63> can be used for glass bottle labels, which can be easily peeled off by rinser.
They are the most suitable for returnable bottle labels.

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